Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Maintain and Care for Goldfish

Goldfish maintenance methods can vary, although in principle, such as maintenance of other ornamental fish, there's only one way of maintaining water quality.

Goldfish have a distinctive character that is highly susceptible to levels of ammonia dissolved in water. This is what often makes the perception among fans of ornamental fish that are hard to keep goldfish, dead easy.

To overcome the problem of ammonia concentration, the things you can do is 2, which neutralize them, or replace the water. Neutralizes ammonia levels can be done by using biofilters or by growing water moss, which will absorb the substances that can poison the fish.

Some of the techniques used by the hobbyist, and proved to work well is as follows:

1. Biofiltration:
Biofiltration techniques that either originated from the fan-koi enthusiasts. The key to this technique is the use filtrasinya media. One of the best media to use Japanese-made synthetic matt, which is currently found in many ornamental fish shops. This media will do the filtering impurities and memperangkapnya fish, which in turn will stimulate the growth of bacteria nitrobacter in it. Aeration should run quite a lot and when the biofilter has been cycled, the environment aquarium / pond fish has become stable. For hobbyists who are lazy to drain water fish, this method is of course very suitable, because it does not require draining the water at all. However, existing weakness is that the water is never replaced, causing substances / minerals needed fish, which can be obtained from the new water, not available, which can cause fish to become less bright colors, and so forth. This technique can be offset by the partial replacement of water regularly.

2. Water Green / greenwater method:
This technique is a technique commonly used in farm goldfish everywhere. This is the most primitive method, namely to let the fish in the pond until the water is green (algae growth krn). It should be noted that moss is a moss which grows the water, not a moss wall of the pool. Usually at the farm, after the water becomes green, then the water will be replaced completely with new water. This method can be developed with a consistent attempt to maintain the green level of the water, by the way when the water is about to be replaced, kept a bucket of old water to later be mixed with new water. Thus, algae growth is expected to occur again immediately after a new pool drained. Another advantage of this method is to maintain water was green, the color becomes brighter fish, which is caused because the fish eat the algae which are in the water. This method is very good for the health of fish, but not a favorite among fans, because with the green water, goldfish therein can not be seen.

3. Mechanical filtering:
Mechanical filtering is to filter out solid impurities existing in the pool / aquarium, so the water always looks clear. This method does not filter kotoran2 dissolved in water, so that many hobbyists are trapped by looking at the clear water, but high levels of ammonia, which can cause fish sick or dead. Mechanical filtering must be accompanied by water replacement rutiin, can by replacement of 2 percent every day and accompanied by washing the filter media.

4. Replace water:
Because the levels of ammonia in water caused by fish feces, then the technique can be used is to remove dirt fish with in-siphon, and do the replacement of water regularly. One of the hobbyists in Jakarta using this technique, which is doing siphon & replacement of water and 80% as much as 2 times a day. This technique worked well at all and the growth of fish in it is relatively better than the methods used by other hobbyists.

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