Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Ghost Fish

Fish Black Ghost comes from the Amazon river, South America is a fish peacemakers, whose size can reach 50 cm, body elongated and flattened with a black body color. This fish is classified as a fish knife (Knifefishes), because the overall body shape resembles a knife out of the head and body and then melancip the stomach.

Terms of media for the desired water quality of fish Black Ghost which is 'soft' (software) and tend to sour, however the "Black Ghost" relative to live in conditions of water varies. Black Ghost also choose a certain type of food, can eat dry food, frozen food and life, yet would prefer if the worms fed with hair.


Means and materials needed to produce fish "Black Ghost" is:

1. Container maintenance & equipment
  • Aquarium size (40 x 40 x 80) cm as the maintenance of the parent and at the same spawning place of attachment fitted with a plastic tray of eggs filled with stones, or tree fern.
  • Aquarium size (60 x 40 x 40) cm as a place to hatch eggs.
  • Installation of aeration blowers, aeration hose and aeration stone.
  • Other equipment such as hose to replace the water, soope net and fish tank cleaning equipment (brushes, etc.)
2. Feed
  • 'Blood worm' which is used as the main feed.
  • Hair worm used as food for fish from age 2 weeks to adulthood.
  • Artemia, which is used to feed larvae.
II. Operational Activities
1. Hatchery
Activities include maintenance of the parent and hatchery broodstock, spawning and larval treatment.

1.1. Maintenance Parent
Difference male and female adult fish can be seen especially from chin length (distance between the tip of the mouth with gill cover). In male fish, his chin is relatively long compared to female fish. Males are relatively more slender than the female fish that have a form of abdominal fat. In the adult male, there is a white liquid (sperm) when sorted the stomach. Master Black Ghost can mature egg after about one year old with a length of 15 cm.

Parent females and males reared in a container of aquarium-sized (80 x 40 x 50) cm, with the installation of aeration with a feed 'Warm Blood' which is given by the frequency of 3 times / day for (ad libitum).

Substitution of water should be done every day to throw dirt at the bottom of the aquarium and maintain the quality of maintenance media.

1.2. Spawning
Spawning done en masse in the aquarium as well as the maintenance of the parent. Comparison of female and male parent is 2: 1. On the spawning container, placed a plastic tray size (30x20x7) cm, filled with rocks as a place of attachment of eggs and at the center of the tray covered with perforated trays (20x15x10) cm to protect eggs from predation own parent. For aquarium size (80 x 60 x 50) cm can be kept 10 fish holding at least 5 females and males.

The environment in which maintenance and spawning fish Black Ghost is usually made relatively dark, and these fish spawn at night. Towards the rising sun, a place of attachment of egg trays should be immediately taken and transferred to the hatchery, to avoid egg predation by the parent. Eggs are harvested from spawning tray 200 eggs / day.

1.3. Hatching eggs and larvae treatment
Hatching eggs made at the aquarium, and will hatch on the third day. Food naupli artemia be started on day 10 after hatching, and then given a hair worms ad libitum.

1.4. Separating and Enlargement
Nursery activities conducted after the larvae can eat the hair worms, which were 2 weeks, until the fish reach the size of 1 inch with long maintenance of 1-15 months while the Black Ghost fish rearing activities undertaken to reach commercial size, which is 2-3 inches. Containers that are used to form the aquarium or tub with stocking density 2-5 fish / l. Feed given during maintenance are hair worms ad libitum. Black Ghost Fish with a size of 2 inches can be reached within two months. While the size of 3 inches can be achieved by increasing the maintenance time for three weeks. Cleaned to remove dirt must be done every day for the media quality is maintained.

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