Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guppy Fish

Guppy originally live in brackish water marsh. These fish breed by breed so that pembiakan relatively easy. Male parent has a bright color, a slender body, a longer dorsal fin, have gondopodium (in the form of elongated bulge behind pelvic fins), which is a modified form of fin anal fin length. For breeding females have body fat, less bright colors, small dorsal fins, pelvic fins form a smooth fin.

In addition to color, form the basis of guppy fish also varied. Guppy is divided based on the tails of the wide tail (tail width), sword tail (long tail), and short tail (short tail). Each variety has 4 kinds of fish. The latest varieties Ribbon / Swallow. This is a new variety of the various crosses causing gene mutations are the result of cross breeding of various types of fish.

Guppy breeding by way of a son. Guppy newborn child had to swim properly direct. This occurs because the process of internal fertilization of guppy mating occurs when the organ gondopodium located on the anal fin is inserted into the organ of the female egg.

Guppy males will chase females ready to mate. Every time a marriage can be 3 times the birth. Time of birth ranged from 3 weeks and a female can produce 60 seed heads.

By understanding the process of conception until the birth of guppy fish, it is necessary to use a method for marriage guppy can be easily regulated and controlled in accordance with our wishes. The downside of guppy breeding is the inaccuracy mainly using mass mating system. Techniques used in producing a superior strain of guppy in with the F4 or also called line system.

To find a good guppy usually can be searched by a female who has a great tail shape. As for the male is usually sought the most bright colors are also dominant. For guppy Ribbon, Ribbon very dominant female, whereas males remain male for normal, so to get a good male guppy Ribbon still needed a normal male. So for this guppy can be sold as a trio.

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