Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simple Ways to Make CO2

First prepare a bottle coca - cola, the magnitude of approximately one-half liter, then the lid on until the hose lubagi can enter later in the glue with glass glue. Use a better connection between the hose with which many in sell airStone free, easy to pull the hose to put it back. Yes for the protagonist might be more ideas to make that better.

Once ready, just insert one tablespoon of sugar, then 3 / 4 yeast bread into the bottle before, then at the shake, approximately one to two minutes. Do not shake when the bottle cap that has been in the holes in pairs, but spend about two bottles of a lid on the holes that one could not be berganti2. Once the bottle lid is not in the holes and which contains a mixture of CO2 was in the shake, the new bottle caps are in holes and connect to the hose before we attach it in a bottle that has us beat. After a few minutes will come out deh beautiful bubbles of CO2.

I use a lot of yeast bread sold in supermarkets, too cheap sugar yes Rp1, 500 .- already get a lot, probably yeast bread that approximately Rp. 7.000 .-

Yes if you do not want capital emang pake bottle aqua bottle is fine, find a neighbor who has a stock of bottled mineral water ... he he he ....

I recommend the other end of the hose that will be put into the tank at give AirStone, a kind of air stone (stone aerator) which we used to buy if we are using the aerator, for CO2nya easily dissolve in water tank.

But remember the tank must have plants, let the CO2 absorbed during the photosynthesis of plants, then plant out Oxygen for ikan2 ....... CO2 Plants can be balanced fish get oxygen from plants. Its beautiful ....

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