Saturday, November 27, 2010

Less Offsetting Ornamental Fish Trade

Ornamental fish far less calculated to generate foreign exchange. Though Indonesia has thousands of species of freshwater ornamental fish are sold in world markets. Just because the management is on a small scale, less integrated, making it less business ornamental fish counts.

Former President Megawati expect revenues from fisheries to offset the forestry sector. Business ornamental fish believed to be able to balance revenues and other natural sectors in Indonesia given the potential for extraordinary fish.

"The government is currently restructuring the forest because a lot of smuggling and deal with environmental problems. We expect the fisheries sector can compensate for the forestry sector revenue," said former President Megawati when inaugurated the center of the development and marketing of ornamental fish, in Cibinong Bogor, Sunday (14 / 3 .)

Product Quality
Mega expected cultivation of ornamental fish ways to continuously improve product quality. "If you just rely on existing in the ocean, biota will experience a crisis, thus it needs cultivating."

He warned Indonesia today is still experiencing environmental problems. He mentioned there are 62 rivers that have been very critical and the biota in them are threatened with extinction.

Meanwhile, Dr Sumpeno Putro, director general of Institutional Capacity Building and Pemasasan Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP), said the export of various types of freshwater fish Indonesia was not able to provide significant foreign exchange.

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